Viva Energy Opens Australia’s Largest Crude Oil Tank

Last week, Viva Energy officially opened its new 100 million litre crude oil tank at the Geelong Refinery. The tank, the largest in Australia, increases the refinery’s crude oil storage capacity by 50%. The new tank will increase the refinery’s production capabilities and enable ships to fully unload at the refinery, reducing costs.

GMC is pleased to see continued significant investment by Viva Energy in the Geelong Refinery, signalling a commitment to local manufacturing. In addition to the $50 million crude oil tank, Viva have built a $23 million pumping station, increasing the amount of fuel transported by pipeline to Melbourne by 25% and a $4 million upgrade to improve supply to Melbourne and Avalon Airports, as part of $300 million investment in the last three years.

The Viva Energy is an important employer in the region with a workforce of over 700. It supplies 55% of the state’s fuel needs and accounts for over 50% of The Port of Geelong’s trade.

Viva Energy Opens New Tank
Viva Energy’s new 100 million litre crude oil tank