Preparing Geelong’s Future Leaders in Advanced Manufacturing

Geelong Manufacturing Council (supported by Skilling the Bay, the Victorian Government and key industry partners) is now taking applications for two exciting initiatives aimed at preparing young people for a career in advanced manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing is a major growth area here in Geelong. Manufacturing no longer involves a heavy focus on assembly line workers, but now relies on more highly skilled employees.

Every day, we benefit from many of the thousands of products that are designed & manufactured, or made from raw materials produced locally. These include power and fabrics in your home, food products, plastics and transport components. Engineers, scientists, researchers, designers, skilled trades people and other skilled workers across these industries work to protect the environment, make our lives more comfortable and create innovative solutions to every day (small and big) problems.

These immersion programs give students the rare opportunity to see advanced manufacturing, digital technologies & engineering up close in real world businesses, speak with role models from across a range of careers and meet senior leaders during the tours, as well as hone their leadership and communication skills through workshops.

GLAM – Girls Leading Advanced Manufacturing

An inspiring program introducing female students to the diversity of careers and pathways in advanced manufacturing

GFLOI – Geelong Future Leaders of Industry

An immersion program for students to experience the diversity or exciting careers and pathways in advanced manufacturing, engineering and STEM trades (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Quotes from previous participants:nest parts!*
“The program helped us to know what happens in the industry and manufacturing fields”

“Being in the program has helped me choose school subjects for my future career”

For further information please contact:

Leanne Nelson
Project Manager – Geelong Manufacturing Council
Tel. (03) 5222 8000