Local Firms’ Virus Fight

Local firms’ virus fight: Product development ramped up

From The Geelong Advertiser, Monday April 6, 2020

Geelong manufacturers have been trying to develop a range of urgently required products including in-demand medical equipment to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

After years of manufacturing being lost to countries with lower labour costs and the reliance on global supply chains, the crisis appears destined to underline the importance of having sovereign industrial capability in key areas.

The Geelong Manufacturing Council has been distributing opportunities and tender information to a range of companies and chief executive David Peart is hoping many may be picked up.

“Across the board we have seen some companies very busy at this time, particularly those in the food, chemicals and industrial sectors and those producing products in high demand at this time,” Mr Peart said. “We have had staff working with several companies in Geelong in trials of a range of products such as personal protective equipment and surgical textiles, while other companies are collaborating with larger projects to manufacture ventilators and other in demand medical equipment.”

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