WIMN Mentoring Program 2020

In 2018, the inaugural GMC WIMN Mentoring Program attracted 12 mentees and 12 industry mentors. The feedback from this program has been outstanding. In 2019, the program has grown to 35 participants and we are looking forward to offering this valuable experience to both our established and upcoming leaders again in 2020.

We often hear that women in manufacturing and engineering roles aren’t confident to develop their career, aren’t sure what the next step is career-wise or aren’t sure how to take the next step.

Mentoring is recognised as effective in catalysing individual career development. Having an experienced resource available to guide their own decision making helped many of our mentees develop clarity around their careers and to take on the next challenge.

Businesses are starting to understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, but often find it difficult to execute diversity and inclusion policies. The feedback we received from our 2018 mentors, and particularly our male mentors, identified that participating in the GMC WIMN Mentoring Program has helped them better understand the challenges faced by all diverse groups within their organisation and how to better utilise the skills and potential of these groups.

Mentoring is an effective professional development approach for organisations: increased organisational commitment, a better sense of organisation/individual fit, better performance and a significant effect on retention and advancement compared with women who were not mentored.

The aim of the WIMN is to support, promote and encourage women in the manufacturing and engineering sectors the Geelong region. We are working to have more women participating and more women in leadership roles these sectors.