Manufacturers to lead the way out of economic crisis

Faced with a disrupted global supply chain, Australian manufacturers have responded quickly to address shortages of medical equipment and the materials to make them, says the Geelong Advertiser (Monday, May 11, 2020). This response can be seen in Geelong’s manufacturers where companies have pivoted to provide PPE, increased their production of hand sanitiser and are working closely with research and med-tech to develop new capabilities.

Lyn George, GMC Chair, says the time is right for governments to rethink policy settings to support manufacturing. To this end, GMC has reached out to the National COVID-19 Co-ordination Committee to offer input and advocacy for the region. GMC has also submitted proposals to government for business support that fosters innovation and supports an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

GMC will continue to advocate for policies such as strong local content provisions and support of R&D to help build our region’s capabilities. David Peart, CEO said “We are actively seeking out further opportunities to ensure that manufacturing remains robust, sustainable and innovative, and able to lead our region’s economic recovery.”

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