AMGC’s Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC’s) excellent video series Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing is based on research and input from leading manufacturing organisations, industry bodies, government agencies and universities around Australia. The series and associated report provide advice to enable manufacturers to overcome obstacles and access the right support to succeed in our continuously changing industry. We encourage you to watch the video series, 10 x 1 hour videos, here on AMGC’s Youtube channel or download the report by visiting

Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing:

  1. Recognise Australian manufacturing’s strength
  2. Focus on leadership
  3. Plan for change
  4. Network and collaborate
  5. Work with research institutions
  6. Adopt technology
  7. Access capital
  8. Hire the right people
  9. Build your workforce and culture
  10. Extend your market reach