C6 Group Spearheads the Fight Against COVID

October 26, 2021

Corio-based industrial service business C6 Group is making a name for itself with a new locally-made system called Katharsis which filters the majority of viral, bacterial and fungal fine aerosols from air, giving peace of mind to building owners and managers.

Katharsis uses a combination of protective technologies for maximum effect, which C6 says is equivalent to applying a P2/N95 face mask to a ventilation system.

C6 Group Chairman Rodney Craig tells the Geelong Manufacturing Council the application of Katharsis to the fight against COVID was pure serendipity.

“It just so happens we came up with testing results just as the announcement of the first bout of COVID came about. We said ‘Well hang on a moment, our product will do this, we just need to keep working on it to get the results’,” Mr Craig says.

“It was an opportunity to create the ability to address something that has been completely devastating to society globally.”

The chapels and office complexes of Kings Funerals Parlours are first to try the new system at their Newcomb and other Geelong sites, and an announcement of installations within medical centres within the region is pegged in the next few months.

The team are seeking backing from government and other stakeholders to scale up to production of up to 10,000 units.

“We are very mindful of not rushing, we have to do it right,” Mr Craig says. “It becomes far more powerful if we have done the manufacture, the installations and testing and we have proof of concept rather than just having an idea, which is what we had 12 to 18 months ago.”

The Katharsis system has automatic compensation for the higher pressure drop associated with finer filters, deploys UV irradiation to control airborne viruses and other pathogens and a bespoke nanotechnology-based catalyst developed in collaboration with Deakin University under a federal Industry Innovation Grant.

The catalyst enhances the capture and destruction of aqueous aerosols that may contain viruses or other pathogens, and all three measures combined provide unparalleled protection, he says.

Mr Craig says “planes, trains and automobiles” are on the cards as potential markets for the system, which offers “back to base” monitoring of substances like carbon monoxide and strips odours. The C6 system offers a number of advantages over competitors, including the back to base monitoring, volumetric air changes and the introduction of clean air. CO2 monitoring is a key part of the system.

C6 is also eyeing restaurant chains, hotels and international expansion, and says air conditioning manufacturers may be able to modify their units using the IP.

C6 Group is a joint venture between Workplace Alliance and GPS Electrical Services offering extensive services to businesses in a range of industries. It employs 200, rising to more than 500 for specific projects.

“When we start to develop this we want to build it locally. We have done a lot of background work, testing, fabrication and manufacturing. We want to be able to give a value product with locally produced goods,” Mr Craig says.

“It doesn’t need to go offshore, I think we all know that. If everyone jumps on board it is great because we will use our local people, our local products. Everyone wins”