Supply Chains are about service delivery, that is how can businesses achieve customer satisfaction while maximising benefit.

The program is available for VICTORIAN Businesses Only. Hosted by AiGroup with support from the State Governement of Victoria


Learn how to manage your supply chains & logistics and increase your efficiency and capability to do business globally

With the COVID-19 crisis, fundamental changes in consumer behaviour, supply chains, and channels to market are knocking businesses off balance. Responding to the pandemic has underscored the need for exporters to review their business model, adopt agile ways of working and value chain transformation to manage uncertainty and challenges caused by these disruptions. Understanding and managing your global supply chains and logistics are critical to enhancing your competitiveness in this market.

Why attend:

If you are interested in building your competencies to enable you to better manage your supply chains, freight, and logistics for your export markets, this event will be for you.

This interactive workshop will share some of the most important aspects of managing your supply chains and logistics risks. You will leave with the confidence to look at your processes with a new sense of understanding and clarity and this will lead you to do business globally more successfully.

Workshop content:

This interactive online workshop will cover topics including:

  • Managing your global supply chains in the current COVID environment
  • Issues to manage because of delayed logistics• Bridging the gap between demand and supply
  • Leveraging Free Trade Agreements to optimise your supply chain
  • Why strategy is important for supply chain resilience

Who should attend:

Business Owners, Senior Management Team, Export Development Team, Exporters, Importers, and those seeking to remodel their businesses.