Driving Sovereign Manufacturing Webinar Series

October 15, 2021

The Geelong Manufacturing Council has teamed up with DMTC Ltd and the Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong to deliver a series aimed at growing sovereign manufacturing capability.

The series is in response to a report released last July, commissioned and supported by DMTC Ltd, highlighting the impressive carbon fibre and composite manufacturing capabilities across Australian industry and academia. The report was designed to provide strong foundations for DMTC Ltd to begin building Australia’s sovereign industrial capability and supply chain. In particular, the report identified barriers that prevent smaller SMEs from engaging with and contributing to larger supply chains.

The first instalment in the Sovereign Capability Development Series, The Composites Advantage, will feature a range of experts from composites R&D, SME & large manufacturers and buyers:

  • Brigadier Shaun Hoffman, Director General of Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch, Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group, Defence: “Defence & Sovereign Capability”
  • Principal Technologist, BAE Systems (invited): “Composites in Defence Platforms”
  • Professor Martin Veidt, Enabling Technologies – Program Leader, DMTC & Academic, University of Queensland: “Composites in Defence – Trends with Examples”
  • Krishna Oruganti & David Doral, Quickstep Aerospace: “Barriers & Technical Solutions”
  • Charlotte Morris, Program Leader – Industry Capability Development Framework, DMTC

Presenters will explore how the composites manufacturing industry has overcome challenges, the significant advantages of composites use and how composites capabilities will help drive sovereign manufacturing development.

The Composites Advantage event takes place in November.

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